about_kalev_imageKalev.com is one of the fastest growing news and information websites, focused on sustainable living and environmental issues, around the globe and right here at home.

Independently owned and produced by industry experts and award-winning journalists, Kalev.com draws on a wealth of knowledge, leading sources and editorial experience to deliver news, facts, features and opinions on wide-ranging topics, from science, technology and politics, to lifestyle trends, eco-travel, consumer products, how-to-guides and more.

With compelling content created for an educated and influencial audience, Kalev.com profiles real people with real stories, celebrities going green and business leaders making sustainability a priority. Our readers repeatedly return for the latest developments and new information on all aspects of alternative energy and sustainable living and to actively engage on our social media channels.

Alain Suurkask, Co-Publisher

Alain is founder and president of Empower Energy, LLC. and has been involved in the clean-energy space for 15 years. He leads Kalev.com because he believes consumers and providers of clean energy have lacked a clear, intelligent and entertaining information resource on the industry. With Alain’s vision, Kalev.com will provide in-depth analysis of the clean-energy space as well as fun, engaging articles and videos that any visitor can enjoy. Alain has a degree in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and daughter.

Toivo Suurkask, Co-Publisher

Toivo Suurkask is a former Transportation consultant. He is now involved in a sustainable agriculture project on a ranch in the dry area of Hawaii Island which is totally off grid and solar powered.

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Media Requests

Kalev.com editors are available to speak on a wide variety of topics, including technological and lifestyle trends, eco-travel, insider views of the happenings in the retail energy sector, and more. To arrange an interview, please contact Deb Morse.

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With the rapid growth in demand for news and opinion related to renewable energy and sustainable living, Kalev.com sees an opportunity to bring issues related to that topic into the mainstream. With content geared for a North American audience and including opinions and news from the worlds of politics and entertainment, Kalev.com is committed to pushing clean energy issues in front of a demographic hungry for more on a topic vital to their future. For advertising  inquiries: Elevation Media Group

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